What are No Deposit Bonuses?

If you're interested in casino gambling but are a bit wary then no deposit bonuses can be a great way for a new player to sample the experience without risking any money. There are various types of bonus, which we've outlined below.


Where to Find No Deposit Bonuses

Casinos will have promotional pages listing their own offers, and the codes necessary to activate them via the cashier section. You can also read about them on review sites, which list codes and offers from multiple casinos, cutting down the time needed to find them and allowing easier comparison of the offers.


No Deposit Free Spins

A popular type of no deposit bonus is free spins. These are usually worth a relatively modest value (perhaps $20-30) and are tied to specific slots. It's pretty straightforward, but there is a wagering requirement. This means that a higher value of spins have to be made before any money can be withdrawn (often around 30 times the no deposit bonus value). When considering which bonus to go for, always weigh up the restriction against the face value bonus.


No Deposit Free Games

Highly similar to the free spins described above, the free games bonus is a comparably small sum tied to a specific casino game. As with the spins bonus, there will almost always be a wagering requirement many times higher than the initial bonus.

No Deposit Free Play

Free play bonuses can come in two varieties, both more flexible than the spins/games bonuses already mentioned. The first involves a modest sum of money that can be used on any game the casino offers. Once again, there's usually a wagering requirement which makes it more difficult to finish ahead and withdraw winnings. The second is a larger sum of money with a time limit attached (often quite short, such as an hour). If the player finishes ahead after the time limit expires, the starting money vanishes but the excess is kept and can be withdrawn. However, such a bonus usually has a ceiling on winnings, making it unlikely you'll be able to win big.


Bodog Casino

Many casinos offer bonuses, and Bodog Casino is no exception. Checking Bodog's promotion page will let you find any code currently on offer, such as no deposit cash bonuses. It's the best way for someone new to gambling to try their hand without risking their wallet.

Winning at gambling is tricky, and the restrictions on no deposit bonuses reduce the chances of finishing ahead. However, they do allow players to gamble without risking a cent of their own money.