Comparing Instant Play and Download Gambling

Players face many choices when casino gambling online. One such decision is whether to go for the instant play or download route. As it sounds, the latter option requires the installation of software to tablet, mobile, or computer. Instant betting just means no additional software is required, making it a simpler option. But what are the pros and cons of each? Read on to learn more.


Advantages of Instant Play

One big advantage that instant play casinos can offer is that sometimes games are only available in this format, and this seems to be something of a trend. This can be especially true of slots. The range of available games/slots may therefore be tilted in favor of instant play.

Another advantage is that it's more straightforward. Rather obvious, but if you don't have to get any extra software, that's one less thing to do. It may also be faster than download betting, but this can come down to the setup of your computer, laptop, or mobile.

Disadvantages of Instant Play

This is a bit context-specific, but if you've got a limited internet connection, particularly on mobile, instant play gambling can devour your data. It's bad enough if you lose money at the casino, but getting a large mobile bill for data usage just rubs salt in the wound.


Advantages of Download

Gamblers can be creatures of habit, and if you're always betting at a particular casino then having their software can just make things that much more convenient. Because the convenience encourages players to stick with a specific casino, there may also be perks and rewards on offer for playing this way. And if you're going to bet at a specific casino, that's just a bonus for something you'd be doing anyway.

One more upside is that, as most casinos started out with the download approach, some still only offer this option.


Disadvantages of Download

It's been mentioned before, but having to install extra software is just one more thing to do. There's also the chance it may actually be slower than the alternative. Another potential downside is that whilst some software developers still offer download versions, not all of them do. This means the range of games available might be smaller than for instant play.

Perhaps the biggest concern players have when it comes to casino software is whether or not it's safe. The risk of viruses can make people wary, and that's especially the case when financial matters are involved. Software from reputable casinos should be safe, but do check to make sure you're installing from a trusted firm to help minimize your risk. If in doubt, err on the side of caution.

Ultimately, there are pros and cons to both instant play and download betting. There isn't really a right or wrong answer, it's just a matter of personal preference.