What are Loyalty Rewards?

Much is made of newcomer no deposit bonuses, but what about long-standing casino members? Well, that's where loyalty bonuses come in. Read on to learn more about the various types of loyalty bonuses, and some that apply to Bodog Casino in particular.


Why Loyalty Rewards Exist

An important thing to remember is that loyalty rewards exist not because casinos are famously generous, but to encourage players to keep gambling. Shocking, right? Economics dictate that players typically end up in the red (after all, if the average gambler won no casino would be in business). Loyalty programs and rewards are a way of giving players a bit of a boost, to encourage them to keep going.


Types of Loyalty Rewards

Online gamblers are often signed up automatically and begin racking up reward points as they play. When sufficient points are amassed, players can benefit from rewards such as free play, cash, or real life gifts. Sometimes loyalty programs include numerous casinos, so there's a common reward points pool, but that isn't always the case.

These programs may involve different levels. The more you gamble, the higher the level, and the richer the rewards. Sounds good, although you may also be making greater losses. On the plus side, rewards can include a lottery/jackpot for members of that level, meaning you have a chance to win cash for no extra cost. This type of reward can happen often, even daily.

Away from the digital world, prizes can also include overseas once-in-a-lifetime trips. The African savannah, Scandinavia and the Aurora Borealis, exotic getaways and tickets to world class sporting events can all be won.


Bodog Casino

Bodog Casino players can rack up reward points by betting on various casino games or laying down wagers on sports betting. As mentioned above, the casino offers a variety of tiers, with more points leading to higher tiers and the opportunity of getting bigger rewards. Bodog offers cashback at increasing rates for redeeming rewards, and you can cash points at any time. And then there's the VIP Club.

Bodog's VIP Club is for loyal players and provides a number of rewards, including cash bonuses. Weekly bonuses and giveaways are also on offer, as are other promotions. The VIP rewards can change regularly, so be sure to check. It's also worth noting the VIP Club is for recreational and not professional gamblers.

To sum up, if you're gambling a lot then loyalty programs just give you a little something back and there's the chance of winning big at the VIP level. But there's a sliding scale, with bigger prizes only there if you're spending more.